How to combine film and photography with Ninetynine Films


We recently had the chance to speak with Ninetynine Film’s partners, Johannes Kroemer and Vanina Feldsztein. The New York based team inspires each others work, despite, or rather because of, Johannes coming from a photography background and Vanina working in Film Production and Art photography.


Production Paradise: Where did the interest in photography start and how did you end up making films as well?

Johannes and Vanina: We experience the world through our eyes and have been influenced by both cinema and photography. For Johannes the logical choice was to become a photographer initially. Vanina started working in the camera department in Film Production, though she is also a fine art photographer. When digital DSLR technology brought photography and cinematography closer, we realized we could be working together. The revolution in image capturing has allowed us to bring high production value to projects of all sizes.


Production Paradise: What’s the story behind Ninetynine Film?

Johannes and Vanina: We have been sharing, discussing and influencing each other’s work since we first met. Now you can see each other’s style reflected in the other person’s work. Working together was a natural progression.

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Production Paradise: Many of your films have urban themes; what attracts you especially when shooting real people?

Johannes and Vanina: We love real, authentic stories and the people behind them. They inspire and motivate us.


Production Paradise: What would be your typical thought process on receiving a new brief or script?

Johannes and Vanina: We think big. Beautiful visuals come to mind first but we follow the story. Then we look for a way to make that concept happen within the budget we are provided with.


Production Paradise: What makes Ninetynine Films unique?

Johannes and Vanina: We have the visual approach of a photographer combined with the skill set of a cinematographer. We combine the crafting of a single image with the language of film. Ninetynine Film’s goal is to remain versatile. We’ve been hired as shooters as well as a production company that can follow a project from inception to delivery.


We’d like to thank Johannes and Vanina for taking time to speak with us and giving us an insight into their work. You can see more of their work on their  website and  on Production Paradise.

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