How to communicate through the lens? Ask Julia Bostock about it!


She knows how to capture the moment. She is relaxed but energetic. She is full of spontaneous creativity but also has all the practical features of a good organiser. Starting a photography business was just a natural progression for her. She assures us that her moody clients aren’t nearly as difficult as many people describe them. Julia Bostock specialises in lifestyle, fashion and kids photography, and together with her team she shoots moving image alongside stills.

Production Paradise: You became a photographer after having a career in art directing. What made you choose photography and how does your previous experience help you now?

Julia Bostock: I absolutely love creating images and have always been very excited about the whole process of putting together shoots or just simply capturing images. It was a Dutch photographer who suggested that I should be taking the pictures not him as I had such strong views of the overall picture so yes it was a completely natural progression.

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Production Paradise: You do lifestyle and men fashion photography, but your main focus seems to be children. Is it easier or more challenging to work with ‘little models’?

Julia Bostock: Of course its more challenging working with “little models” as it can be so unpredictable. But when you get a special moment it is so rewarding and exciting – all at the same time – it´s about people and spontaneity and with children it doesn’t have to be contrived to get a great picture.

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Production Paradise: Are kids good co-workers? Or do you use some secret tricks to coordinate the photoshoot with them?

Julia Bostock: The best thing about kids is that they are so clever – they don’t miss a trick and even babies get the sense of a good, relaxed mood on a shoot. Of course there are a few tricks to distract, motivate, amuse kids and babies but generally I find that by getting into their little minds on a subject that will make them feel relaxed you can get them to communicate through the lens.

Production Paradise: Are children serious about modeling? Or they have the fun-attitude to this?

Julia Bostock: There are some kids who just love it and it´s like a fun day out – it can be character building and they can get into the role there playing. It´s the parents that can sometimes take it too seriously. As long as it´s still fun they should continue to do it – the moment it becomes too much of a job I think they should give it a break – they’re kids!

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Production Paradise: What’s the craziest, funniest thing that a child’s ever done at a photoshoot?

Julia Bostock: I think it was when I was doing a job for Nestle on first meals. The mound of spaghetti was so huge that the baby fell into it face first and covered herself in tomato sauce, but came out laughing!

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Production Paradise: You have completed assignments for many well-known brands and magazines, was there any project that was particularly exciting to work on?

Julia Bostock: There have been quite a few exciting assignments but probably one of the most fantastic commercial jobs was working in the Tyrol mountains in Italy with a brilliant team in the most stunning locations – it didn’t really feel like work – I loved it! The most rewarding and possibly most memorable was going to Srilanka and taking photographs in an orphanage – such amazing children.

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Production Paradise: Is there a particular client or project you would love to work with in the future?

Julia Bostock: The combination of a great brand and a really exciting location would be the ultimate job. I would love to work on some projects in far flung corners of the world – I have a few plans up my sleeve.

We would like to thank Julia Bostock for taking the time to talk to us. Find more of her work on Production Paradise or her website.

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