How to source and evaluate creative talents | Interview with Havas Worldwide Art Buyer Cara Anne Specker


Talent sourcing is one of the key responsibilities in art buying. Hence the importance of using the right research tool if you wish to strive for excellence. So if you are searching for your next talent, this blog post featuring Art Buyer Cara Anne Specker might be helpful!

Cara Anne Specker is a senior art buyer who has been working for over four years at Havas Worldwide Zurich, one of the leading marketing and communication agencies worldwide. Besides being a successful art buyer, she is a very talented freelance photographer with a wide range of skills in photo editing and production.

Her extensive experience in the industry has made her an expert on how and where to find new talents. In this interview she was happy to share with us some tips and advice on finding top talents. Click on the video below to find out more!

”I’ve always included Production Paradise as one of my major research tools”

We would like to thank Cara Anne for chatting with us. You can see more about Havas Worldwide on their website.

If your work speaks for itself, Art Buyers like Cara Anne would love to work with you – our upcoming Spotlight or Showcase Magazines are your stage to present your latest work. Contact us now at or to know more.

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