Hungry? Take a look at our TOP 10 Food & Drink Photographers of Spotlight Awards 2019!


Our TOP 10 Food & Drink Photography shortlist is here! Are you ready to devour some eye-catching and mouth-watering imagery? See the shortlisted images here, created by inspirational and talented food photographers from all around the world!

Our judges for this year’s Food & Drink Photography category are: Laurent Dailloux, Procurement Manager for Marketing Content at Nestlé, Switzerland; Edgar Liñayo, Global Creative Manager at Bacardi, Spain; Sophia Leong, Head of Creative Studio at Starbucks, China; Thomas Payne, Group Photo Editor at Popular Science/Saveur Magazine, United States and Julie Thymann, Production – Head of Art at Mother, United Kingdom.


Congratulations to our exceptional shortlisted photographers: Manfred Rave (Germany), Tina Sturzenegger (Switzerland), Francine Zaslow (United States), Patrice de Villiers (United Kingdom), Mathilde de l’Ecotais (France), Ryan Ball (United Kingdom), Patrick Rougereau (France), Hanna Grace (United States), Colin Campbell (United Kingdom) and Leigh Beisch (United States).

Stay tuned ⁠— we will be announcing other shortlists soon! The Category Winners and the Grand Prize Winner will be revealed on the 8th of October 2019.

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