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Caesar Lima is a photographer who was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and is based in Los Angeles. As well as having a Bachelor’s Arts in Advertising, he has won more than 20 awards since 2001. He has also worked with various clients from Sony Pictures and T-Mobile to Pantene and OPI.

We got the lovely opportunity to speak to Caesar about his work, awards, and current projects he is working on. He gives brilliant advice to aspiring photographers, and shares with us the creatives he would love to have an opportunity to work with in the future.

You can see Caeser’s latest work in Showcase Brazil, Showcase Los Angeles and Spotlight Hair and Beauty Photography and Film. You can also see all the magazines he has been featured in here.

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Production Paradise:  How did you get started in photography? 

Caesar: In my first year of my BA in Advertising & Marketing we had a special class where we got to visit a professional, and that day we went to a photographer’s studio. It was an amazing studio and I fell in love 🙂 I already liked photography but it was just a hobby at that point; but from that moment on I knew exactly what I wanted to be.

In 1984, my wife and I came to LA for the Olympics. I loved the city, and in 1985 we came back for real. I started working in a camera store in Encino and then in a professional lab and then I started shooting in a garage-studio. It took me a couple of years to develop a clientele and it was hard but it worked.

Youngblood Beauty

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Production Paradise:  Your fashion and beauty photography is outstanding; what is it that draws you to this type of photography?  

Caesar: I’ve always liked fashion and beauty; not only has it got a lot to do with advertising (we are always selling something), but it requires a group effort – you need models, stylists, make up, hair people, set designers, etc… I like to work in a group environment.

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Production Paradise: You’ve won numerous awards over the past few years; which award are you the most proud of? Could you give us a background story on the winning shot?

Caesar: For me it’s hard to pick a specific award as they all are very important. They are like “fuel” for a photographer; all artists need this type of re-affirmation. We may not please everybody but it’s important to know that we inspire some people. Probably the “SUN Body Projection” was the most important because it was my first award with a person in it (before I had won a few awards for product/still life work) and it was very tricky – everybody swears that it was done in Photoshop and it was 100% done on-camera LOL. I had built a special flash head on which I could add a slide or a piece of film with letters and/or textures…


“Sun Body Projection”

Production Paradise:  Is there any advice you would share with aspiring hair and beauty photographers?

Caesar: To test as often as possible. It’s ok to get inspired by other photographer’s work but you need to develop your own style; shoot shoot shoot everyday. It’s like going to the gym, hard work pays off.

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Production Paradise: As well as being creative and original with your photography, you also have a degree in advertising. Are there any challenges you face when working with advertising clients who have contrasting creative ideas?

Caesar: Having a BA in Advertising helps me a lot. I understand what art directors and creative directors want and like I said before, I love to work with a creative group of people.


Papercut Magazine

Production Paradise:  What have you found most useful being a Production Paradise member?

Caesar: Being a PP member really extended my exposure worldwide, the creative world is getting smaller thanks to PP. I get new followers, emails and jobs from everywhere. Portugal, Spain, England and Brazil are a few examples, my work appeals a lot in these markets.


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Production Paradise:  What are you working on right now? Are there any clients you would like to work with in the future?

Caesar: Right now I’m working on taking my local clients to shoot in Brazil and bringing my Brazilian clients to shoot here in the US. I just opened a studio in Brazil last month. I have a big list 🙂 but for sure I would love to work with Jessica Walsh from Sagmeister & Walsh and Doug Lloyd from Lloyd & Co – very creative heads!  

“I would like to find out more information about Hair and Beauty Photography Spotlight”


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