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Caleb & Gladys are a fashion & beauty advertising photography duo from Singapore. Both of them majored in completely different fields in school (Gladys in Economics and Caleb in Business IT) and only picked up photography as hobbies during that time.

They met during a party and almost instantly hit it off. In the following week they went for a date and chatted over wine,  and in exchanging ideas they realised how similar their taste and  sense of aesthetics were. Thus, they decided to embark on a new artistic direction as a team. Throwing out everything they had shot previously, they did many shoots to come up with a brand new portfolio.

We got the chance to speak with Caleb and Gladys and find out their inspirations and advice when it comes to photography, as well as what they are currently working on.

You can see more of their work in Spotlight Beauty Photography.

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Production Paradise: What do you like the best about your job? What is the source of your inspiration?

Caleb & Gladys: What we like about our job is that we get the opportunity not just to create something beautiful, but also the freedom to express our ideas and bring it to life. Every shoot is also a chance to meet new minds and to hear where they have come from and to exchange new ideas. 

Our inspiration stems from many sources; We can be at a museum and be inspired by the composition of a painting, or simply just from watching a new movie or looking at a dress and instantly be drawn to think what else we can create from there.


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Production Paradise: What would you say is the most important skill a fashion or beauty photographer should have?

Caleb & Gladys: The aesthetic eye, but of course with the technical skills to back up whatever mood you are trying to bring forth.

Production Paradise: What has been your most memorable photo shoot, who has been exciting to work with?

Caleb & Gladys: There are many memorable ones but one particularly fun shoot was with ELLE India, when they came to our home country in Singapore to shoot a spread. We wanted a shot with the model walking down an alley and the birds flying up right in that moment, so we had our crew throw bread to lure the birds in. A bunch of the crew lined up on both sides and on our count, everyone shouted and stomped loudly to scare the birds to flight.


ELLE India 

Production Paradise: Are there any artistic difficulties you face regarding fashion and beauty photography?

Caleb & Gladys: There are times when clients would have a different idea to what we have, we have to come to compromises to deliver what is required of us.

Production Paradise: The fashion industry is known for its competitiveness. What advice would you like to share with aspiring photographers who wish to go into that field?

Caleb & Gladys: Never stop learning new things and always strive to do better in your next shoot. We believe it’s essential to reflect on the mistakes you make and improve on them. Most importantly, take the time to come up with original ideas to make your work stand out.

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L’officiel Singapore

Production Paradise: What are you working on right now, is there a particular brand or model you aspire to work with in the future?

Caleb & Gladys: We are currently finalising details for a Spring/Summer Campaign for an Asian fashion label which we will be shooting next week. One fashion brand that we love is Alexander McQueen for its hauntingly beautiful outfits and bold directions artistically.

Production Paradise: What have you found the most useful being a Production Paradise member?

Caleb & Gladys: Being a Production Paradise member not only connects us to other creatives from the industry and extends our exposure, it also gives our work a greater opportunity to be seen by others.

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