Interview with Jamie Stephen of JSR


Jamie Stephen Represents
is a leading artist agency based in London and has been a member at Production Paradise since 2008. Our partnership has been a fruitful one and both he and his artists have benefitted from numerous features in our Spotlight and Showcase magazines.  Be sure to check out members Carl Lyttle, Omer Knaz, Andy Whale and Sean Gleason, all represented by JSR.

Here’s what Jamie has to say about his experience:

When did you start your business, how long have you been in the industry?
JSR was established in 2005, and I started working in advertising in 2000 when I joined an agency as New Business Manager.

How did you start doing what you do, what inspired you?
After working in several large network agencies doing new business, I left to work in a catalogue production agency that had a large reprographics arm and a vast photographic studio.  I had been involved in some pitch photography before joining this new company and after a few months of seeing the workflow of the photography studio and retouching studio I realised I wanted to be involved in the creation side of the industry and left to establish the agency and fortunately haven’t looked back.  We started with 5 photographers in May 2005, and now represent 13 photographers, 5 illustrators and 3 directors.

What part of your work do you enjoy the most?
I love the fact that every job is different, every week we have a new challenge and a new brief to inspire the artists with and test our production skills.

What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you professionally, or who were you most excited to work with?

We have recently worked with several Olympians and they are incredible inspiring people.

What do you consider your biggest professional achievement?
Staying in business and continuing to enjoy it…

What resources do you use to promote your work?

The phone!  Our website (, Production Paradise and Luerzers archive.

What have you found most useful about being a Production Paradise member?
Both the traffic and enquiries generated to us and the production resources around the world.

Have you made any interesting connections through Production Paradise?

What do you think is the future of this industry?

I think the future is very bright, there is lots of confidence within the industry that budgets are growing again and digital channels are opening up some many interesting opportunities for content.  Large agency networks are focusing more and more on their core planning and creative functions meaning productions are being outsourced and we are seeing the benefits!

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