Interview with Jan Kocovski : Advertising & Beauty photographer


Specialized in people, lifestyle and beauty, Jan Kocovski‘s style demonstrates great attention to detail.

It’s all about love: Jan loves to transform the everyday into unseen images, using his intuition for discovering the true character of his models.

His signature styles include fresh, spontaneous lifestyle images and dramatically lit environmental portraits, forming the perfect composition of people in their own environment.

When not shooting, you can find Jan either on his Harley or in nature with his dog Mr. Newton.


You can discover Jan’s latest work in Spotlight Portraiture & Celebrity Photography and Spotlight Beauty Photography. You can also access more publications on Production Paradise and see more of his work here.

Production Paradise: Have you always been keen on photography ? When did you get to be a professional photographer, how did it happen ?

JanActually I never wanted something else beside photography. Even if I had a short experience outside of photography I found the way back pretty quickly. But anyway the past experience outside of photography have been really interesting and helped me to understand rapidly the “business side”. So I’ve learned some more about the basics of calculations, business goals and networking. Honestly speaking I don’t believe that without this skill’s there is a way of becoming successful, these days.

From my point of view this is usually something you get after 10+ years business experience. I’ve been lucky to get this part done before I started my business.

But anyway I don’t have a story like “My grandpa gave me my first camera when i was 5 years old”… The real story is that I wanted to create and share my point of view. That’s it and even though this answer might be somehow “unromantic”, this is the only honest answer I could give 🙂


Production Paradise: Your beauty photography is really remarkable; what exactly made you to adopt these kinds of photography ?

JanI do Beauty, Portrait and a lot Lifestyle stuff. Beside the People side of work, I honestly love stills and products.

In other words; I am a advertiser and I live like one.

I always wanted it and never done something else in photography. To be honest, I don’t know why. I simply just wanted it and it just happened ! My dad told me always that I can do whatever I want, as long as I really want it. I guess this might be the result why I am here today 🙂

Production Paradise: You’ve sold your work to several big companies and internationally established clients over the past few years; which one are you the most proud of? Could you give us a background story on your “most successful” shot(s)?

JanI am proud of all the work I’ve done (and will do in the future) and there is no client I would like to see in front of all others. The important part for me is that I am grateful and feel honored if a client asks me to shoot his campaign. I love to be part of something new and moreover there are challenges, which I always appreciate !

It is hard for me to find a background story which everyone could understand as most of the fancy stuff comes along with some insider jokes or should stay at the set 🙂

Production Paradise: Is there any advice or anecdote that you would like to share with aspiring hair & beauty photographers ?

Jan: Yeah, there is one: never give up, be straight and honest and don’t stop with things you love. Don’t be afraid taking a risk and never ever stop moving forward. 

But after so many years in business I of course have many anecdotes I could share. It is just damn hard to choose one ! Just kidding,…usually the real cool stuff should stay at the set. It is like in Las Vegas… What happens in Vegas, should stay in Vegas 🙂

Production Paradise: What have you found most useful being a Production Paradise member?

JanThe business changed very much and really rapidly over the past 10 years. Self-marketing concepts which were working for many years, are not helpful anymore. Today we have to be more versatile when it comes down to self marketing and visibility. Production Paradise is an important part of my self marketing strategy today and I love to distribute my work through different channels. The bottom line is: If nobody knows you are alive, nobody will call you. It really is as simple as this.

Production Paradise: What are you working on right now, are you considering new perspectives? Are there any clients you would like to work with in the future?

JanRight now I am working on the concept for a international cosmetic campaign which will be launched in Autumn 2015. Some more Lifestyle projects are in the pipeline but details have to stay undisclosed for the moment. I still drive two personal projects, both are Portrait related and beside this I have a few things in mind which I want to realized… No, I have to. Just for my personal freedom.

But anyway I don’t have a specific client I like to work on my personal target list. But for sure I want to have fun, which is as well a vital part of my business and life. I love Clients who work closely with me and challenging me constantly. Over the past years I’ve been lucky so I am looking forward on the next 20-30 years.

But wait… There is one thing I want to archive!

I want to shoot a really large campaign and while traveling from Frankfurt via Shanghai and finally to New York… I want to see the same image on all three Airport. Huge, I mean really Huge on massive billboards. Do you get it? 🙂

“I would like to find out more information about the Hair and Beauty Photography Spotlight”

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