Interview with John Fulton: One of Luerzer’s Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide


John Fulton is an Atlanta-based  photographer born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. John specializes in advertising, lifestyle, portraits, landscapes photography and retouching, CGI  as well. His work is often described as rich, fresh, and authentic. Clients recognize his consistent vision and adamant drive to deliver impactful and affective images through a broad range of subjects.

John is honored to have been included in Luerzer’s Archive Top 200 Advertising Photographers Worldwide and his work has been recognized by PDN, Communication Arts, Hasselblad Masters, Int’l Photography Awards, Prix de la Photographie Paris, American Photographic Artists, Int’l Loupe Awards, and Color Awards. His clients include AT&T, Harley Davidson, Captain Morgan, Airstream, Westin and Hyatt Int’l among others.

We were very pleased to have the opportunity to interview John Fulton.  Now let us share you with his stories behind those amazing shots.

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Climber – “Wrong Tools” Campaign, Dolomites Italy

Production Paradise:  How did you become a photographer? What is your favourite subject to shoot?

John Fulton:  I was fortunate to attend a high school that had a nationally recognized art program and was forever changed when I saw my 1st image appear in the developing tray.  I was first inspired by the famous street photographers but now I thrive on many different subjects.  One of my favourites are people involved in a trade craft; from sportsman to workers, from high tech to farm hands-anyone who has skills to share or a craft that they do well.  If it happens to be outdoors where I can interpret a landscape, even better.

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Fiddler Over Paris

Production Paradise:  Of all the awards that you have received, which are you the most proud of? Could you give us a background story behind the shot?

John Fulton:  “Luerzer’s Archive – 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide” stands out.  It was always a goal for me but I thought if it happened, it’d be later in my career.  The series that opened that door was for Brunner Agency, here in Atlanta, for Eaton Automotive.  The series depicts big rig trucks driving through detailed, post-apocalyptic environments, filled with broken down big rigs in various states of demise.  The shoot partly took place in the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah where world land speed records are challenged every year and that was especially cool to see.  The diversity of environments on the planet is incredibly inspiring.

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Production Paradise:  Who has been your favourite client to work with?

John Fulton:  I love working with clients that trust my abilities but are also constantly stretching and challenging me.  Right now that client is Mullen.  We’ve worked together on several project this year and produced work that I’m the most proud of at the moment.  Unfortunately, I’m not permitted to show the work for quite some time but we have a great symbiosis of creative input and both push the projects to their fullest expression.

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Speedo-Clad Mechanics Campaign

Production Paradise:  Your landscape photography is really unique. What tips would you give to achieve such an interesting shot?

John Fulton:  I grew up backpacking in the Rocky Mountains from a very young age and my father taught me to love and respect them over many years.  These experiences still have a strong affect on how I move through and capture landscapes.  Beyond recommending anything technical, I would say be moved and be affected by the world.  Recognize how ancient the landscapes are and how small you are in them.  Imagine what they looked like millennia  before and what they’ll look like long after you are gone.  It changes the way I capture landscapes and people too.

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Lake of the Clouds Valley


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Dirt Wave – Motocross, Southern Georgia

Production Paradise:  Have you got any projects planned right now or in the future?

John Fulton:  I’m in the planning stages for several projects with Mullen but details have to stay undisclosed at the moment unfortunately.  On a personal level, I’m spending a lot of time developing my CGI modeling as well as video skills (both shooting and editing).

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My father – 6:30am Above Timberline, Rocky Mountains
You can see Spotlight Advertising Photography on Production Paradise.

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