Interview with Loyiso Twala, Creative Director at FCB Africa and Spotlight Photo Awards Judge


We had a chat with Loyiso Twala, the Creative Director at FCB Africa advertising agency, who will be judging our Spotlight Photo Awards for the second year. In 2018 he was one of the judges to select the Corporate and Industrial category winner and this year Loyiso will judge Still Life Photography entries. Read some of his insights about photography and creativity below.

Loyiso Twala, Creative Director at FCB Africa, South Africa

Production Paradise: Could you give us some insight into your background and how you came to be a creative director at FCB?

Loyiso Twala: From a young boy who referred to TV ads as small movies to an ambitious student at Vega School, who specialized in Art Direction and worked my way up local and multi-national agencies, ideating for public and private companies for over a decade to becoming Creative Director at FCB, one of the continents’ biggest agencies, is the tale that I tell.

Production Paradise: How do you find photographers that you want to work with on projects? 

Loyiso Twala: When I need a photographer I turn to my own recollection, Behance, art buyers and other creatives I trust for advice.

Production Paradise: In 2018 Spotlight Awards, you ware judging the Corporate category. Can you tell us about your experience with Corporate and Industrial imagery? What are clients looking for now?

Loyiso Twala: I have worked on many projects throughout my career, which have included shooting industrial sites and corporate facilities. In some cases, these have gone hand in hand. Clients are looking for their very functional everyday worlds to be captured with scale and emotion to tell a story; ultimately making the mundane appear quite imaginative.

Production Paradise: In this digital world, how do you think professional photographers can stand out amongst all these people that are calling themselves photographers?

Loyiso Twala: Photographers need to be exactly that, photographers. They must be technically sound to produce images in a variety of visual languages. Just like the fake news is always ultimately exposed for what it is when it can’t stand the test of factual interrogation, fake photographers will always be exposed when there are technical standards to meet. This is how professionals can continue to set themselves apart.

Production Paradise: Why do you think photographers should submit images to awards? What is good about awards for photographers?

Loyiso Twala: Photographers should submit for awards, because it’s such a professional accolade that continues to set the bar on photography, advances careers plus sets the true photographers apart from the wanna-be’s.

We thank Loyiso for the talk and taking time to judge our Spotlight Awards 2nd year in a row. Subscribe to our blog and follow Production Paradise on Instagram, twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to make sure you don’t miss further news about the awards!

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