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Established in 1988, Marion Eckhardt Photographers has since become an international address for commercial and editorial work. This is largely thanks to Marion’s previous experience in art buying, as well as the renowned photographers and exciting newcomers the agency has on its books. Today, the company stands for a professional and advanced approach, presenting leading imagery that has the power to fascinate.

The agency recently worked for international clients including Coca-Cola, Iglo, Campari, Beck’s Beer, Skoda, L’Oreál, König Pilsener, Diadermine, Milka, Bucherer Watches, Schwarzkopf, Londa Hair and Aral.

We decided to ask Marion Eckhardt, founder of Marion Eckhardt Photography a few questions.

When did you start with your business, how long have you been in the industry?

I started the agency Marion Eckhardt Photographers 25 years ago.

I did an apprenticeship in an advertising agency. After that I travelled a little while and wasn’t really motivated to work in this industry. Later then I came back to advertising and worked for over 10 years as an art buyer in big network advertising agencies.

Mike Ruiz - Marion Eckhardt Photographers

How did you start doing what you do, what inspired you?

I was very inspired by working international, talking to people in different languages, convincing them to work for us for a certain kind of photography, organizing shootings, projects and being in charge of different things in those advertising agencies. The variety of tasks to solve, this motivates me every day.

What part of your work do you enjoy the most?

Now I enjoy the most to meet the photographers I am working with, to see how they progress in their fields of photography and how they know more and more how the advertising business works.

What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you in your professional career, or who were you most excited to work with?

There was a lot …. I had the opportunity to work with Helmut Newton for a beauty client. This was exciting. We had a good conversation (only on the phone). The Art Director, now for a long time working as a photographer, took a picture of Helmut Newton and gave it to me as a gift because he was very happy with this shooting, too.

What do you consider to be your biggest professional achievement?

Oh, I think this is – although I work for a long time in this business – I am always excited about learning new things and being curious about what comes next.

What resources do you use to promote your work?

There is a lot in our days to promote the photographers. Websites, newsletters, different internet portals like Production Paradise to show the work. We go to fairs which are especially for the Art Director, Creative Directors and clients to meet the people and show the portfolios.

Sven Gorlich - Marion Eckhardt Photographers

What have you found most useful about being a Production Paradise member?

That it is really international. If I would need something in a country I never organized a shoot before, I would look at Production Paradise.

Have you made any interesting connections through Production Paradise?

An important and international well-known designer came to us through PP, shortly.

What do you think is the future of this industry?

Difficult to say. We had so tremendous and unbelievable changes in the last years and I believe this will go on. We are still in the beginning. Where the way will go – I don’t know.

Maybe only a few agents will still work – with well known and well paid photographers and the middle standard will disappear. And the bread and butter business will be done by big studios that offer the whole production including art design and supervision of the whole project.

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