Interview with Roberto Magliozzi: Advertising Photographer


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Roberto Magliozzi specialises in portraiture, people, sport and fashion photography. His work is characterised by a strong concept analysis, a meticulous approach to lighting and a focus on post-production.

He works from his studio in Milan and travels for shoots in both Europe and Asia. In Milan Roberto is represented by L&A artist, while in Vietnam he is represented by Professional Image Studio.

You can see more of his work in Showcase Italy and Spotlight Kids Photography.

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Production Paradise: How did you become a photographer? What is your favourite subject to shoot?

Roberto: When I was 7 I was introduced to photography by printing my first B/W pictures. I developed an interest towards portraiture starting a relationship with the commercial world of fashion and advertising. However, I don’t feel particularly tied to a style or a typology. On the other hand, I am passionate about new projects and challenges I face daily.

Production Paradise: You have recently expanded into the Asian market in areas such as Singapore, Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh City. Those are extremely interesting places where cultures are very different. Did something draw you to the Asian market or are you interested in Asia in general?

I consider the Asian market an extremely interesting one for advertising and fashion. It is accessible and dynamic, open to the contaminations coming from Europe. The mix that comes out between western iconography and Asian traditions decides new ways of communication and new opportunities to ride with enthusiasm. In Vietnam I created a partnership with Pro Image and in China with Moto Production: they are of crucial support for me, mainly for advertising projects.


Production Paradise: Who has been your favourite client to work with? Is there a particular client you would like the opportunity to work with?

Roberto: When the Agency submits me the concept for a job, I enjoy working on the layout, studying and developing the best photographic approach and sharing (ideas) in pre-production. I am passionate about fashion and the commercial links which spring through the perception of the brand and its iconography. I thoroughly explored this aspect of photography with Vans, Timberland and The North Face, supporting these brands in their communication projects with passion and enthusiasm.

One of my main desires would be working on more complex layouts, which need a hefty pre-production, getting through to the study of the shooting narrative charachter. A client like Volkswagen, for instance.


Production Paradise: Is there any advice you would give to aspiring advertising photographers?

Roberto: Focusing on research during pre-production is essential: if you make use of this time to elaborate the concept and all its details, the shooting will be a piece of cake.

Production Paradise: What have you found most useful about being a Production Paradise member?

Roberto: Being a Production Paradise member I feel a top player: it creates opportunities to treasure.

Production Paradise: Have you got any projects planned right now or in the future?

Roberto: In a near future, I would like to consolidate my position in Asia and approach the American market.


We’d like to thank Roberto Magliozzi for taking time to speak with us and giving us an insight into the world of Advertising Photographer. You can see more of his work on Production Paradise and on his website.

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