Interview with the free-spirited winner of the Spotlight Awards Kids Photography category, Isabel Pinto


Isabel Pinto, Spotlight Awards Winner in Kids Photography Category, has a very unique style. Her background in anthropology adds a very different perspective on the way she sees people, fashion and life. Read the interview below to find out more.

‘Sapology’ by Isabel Pinto  | Kids Category Winning Image – Spotlight Awards 2018

Production Paradise: Tell us about the winning image: the idea behind it, how was it shot?

Isabel Pinto: This image is part of an editorial called ‘Sapology’, for Hooligans Magazine. This photo was the cover. As I also live in Cape Town, I was always mesmerised and inspired by the styling of the Sapeurs du Congo, and from that inspiration, we – me, the Art Director Natasscha Girelli and Stylist Karen Lebrati- worked our story, about our amazing little sapeurs.

Production Paradise: How would you describe your style?

Isabel Pinto: Freestyle, free-spirited and warm, soulful. Humans and humanity attract and inspire me, plus the beauty we are capable of.

Production Paradise: How did you end up behind the lens? Tell us about your career path.

Isabel Pinto: Growing up in Africa, Mozambique, influenced me in everything I am and do. I did not study photography but anthropology. From early on I was always with a camera photographing concerts and bands, as my first husband was a music agent and producer. From there, all quickly evolved to fashion, all kinds of portraits and lifestyle photography. At the time, lifestyle as a concept did not exist in Portugal. Nowadays it is everywhere, and it is so refreshing.

Photographer Isabel Pinto

Production Paradise: What do you think is necessary to become a successful commercial photographer?

Isabel Pinto: I would say a lot of work, consistent hard work, some craziness, and guts! An individual eye and perspective, to translate your own uniqueness!

Production Paradise: We believe you are not resting on your laurels – what are you working on now?

Isabel: At the moment, brainstorming about catalogue shoots for next week.

Production Paradise: The Spotlight awards had a judge’s panel composed of potential clients for commercial photographers – did that influence your choice of image(s) selected for your entry?

Isabel: No, I did participate with a couple of images that I love, that resonate with me, and that were incredible experiences for me as a photographer.

Production Paradise: What made you want to participate in these Awards?

Isabel: Your judges’ panel!


We would like to thank Isabel for taking the time to share her experience with us!

Isabel is based between Lisbon and Cape Town. Her captivating images are regularly featured in Production Paradise’s Kids Photography Spotlight and Portugal and South Africa Showcase Magazines. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletters and don’t miss new work from Isabel Pinto and other creatives.

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