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The ability to market your photography business is as important as the quality of your work. For that reason you need to implement some basic online marketing strategies. Believe me, the power of online marketing will help you become more visible in search engines results (SEO) and grow your network by connecting with potential clients. I’ve prepared a guide with the most powerful tips, strategies and marketing resources you should follow to see the effectiveness in your market right away. Below you’ll find some photography business marketing ideas, so keep reading and learn how to promote your photography business.

Before going into each one of the marketing actions I want to briefly highlight an essential tool. Keywords are something all business professionals should have in mind when trying to reach the right target. Think of all the Art Buyers, advertising agency Creatives, Photo Editors, Photo Agents, other advertising industry clients and customers who search by keywords on Google, social networks and all other related searches. The more specific to your target the more chances you have to be found with those keywords which can help you grow your organic traffic. Make sure you include these keywords on your website, as this will increase your chances to be found on Google and online.

“Think of all the Art Buyers, Creatives, Photo Editors and other industry clients and customers who search by keywords on
Google, social networks and all other related searches.”

Photo by Michael Hart

Google Trends is an online search tool to know how often a specific keyword or phrase has been searched over a specific period of time. This will help you find keywords which you could later use on your website in order to come up first in the search results. Of course, there are other actions you should also implement, but Google Trends is a tool you should have in mind.

If you’re interested you can see more about Google Trends here.

“Google Trends analyses a percentage of Google web searches to figure
out how many searches were done over a certain period of time.”

Sugar Digital – Photographer Dwight Eschliman

Google + is very important to your organic SEO. The content you post on your G+ page can rank search results where maybe your website doesn’t. The more interaction you get in your Google+ account the higher chances you‘ll have to rank in search results.
Therefore, you should create your own Google+ Business page if you don’t have one already. Did you know that Google + introduced the option to include hashtags in posts via specific keywords? Why is this important for you? If a potential client does a Google search for a specific keyword this can increase your website clicks, traffic and consequently clients.
Fact: Google + is the social network community for making connections within the professional industry, it’s the marketing tool used for B2B or a more specific audience which might not be found in other social media as Twitter or Facebook.

“Google + is very important to your organic SEO, the content you post on
your G+ page can rank search results where maybe your website doesn’t.”

Advertising & fashion editorial portraiture photographer Martin Prihoda

Google my business locations

How can you get your website to show up first in Google’s results when a potential client is looking for a photographer in your area?
You should first have a Google+ account, and once created you can add and manage locations so potential customers can easily find you on Google Search, Maps, and Google+.

Photo by Howard Kingsnorth


banner blog SL


Facebook is one of the biggest social media channels you will find, with over 1.49 billion monthly active users. Facebook marketing is essential; your business should have a Facebook presence of some kind as it’s a great tool for customer engagement.
Create a Facebook fan page for your business and customise it (don’t use your personal page for this). Share regular relevant content including your latest campaigns and some behind the scenes shots. This will help your fans know your work much better.
Fact: Over 30 million businesses have a Facebook Fan Page; do you?

Create a Page Image


  • Follow pages of companies and professionals who could be your potential clients and have a look at what your photography competitors are doing.



By Production Berlin


  • Tag professionals in the pictures you upload, the post you tag the person in might also show on their timeline (depends on their privacy settings), this can give you more exposure and reach similar clients with no cost to you.




Cover Image

Production Paradise Facebook Page


  • Change your cover image (size 851px by 315px) twice a month and include a call to action (it’s the first image potential clients see on your Business Facebook page).




  • Facebook insights are used to track the users interaction on your business page. Get to know your fans, they might become clients in a near future.





  • A Call To Action is a way for people to interact with your business, you can decide your call-to-action button link and redirect people to your website, a special campaign or a landing page, you can change this link as many times as you need. Facebook also gives you the option to add the call to action that works best for you.


You can reach potential clients through Facebook ads. This action can make you reach the right target and connect with new clients for your upcoming projects. You might be thinking “why should I advertise at all? I’m already a successful photographer!” I’ll give you an example to make it clearer. Let’s say you are a successful photographer, who already has an agenda full of contacts and clients. You should always stay fresh in your clients minds and remind them of your latest work, so your agenda stays full. And why not reach new clients while you’re at it? But be careful, you have to do effective advertising with your posts to the right target, so you don’t spend money unnecessarily. Have a clear idea of the professionals you want to reach with your ad: demographics, profession, location and specific interests; this will help reach only the clients who are likely to hire you. Facebook ads should generate demand, so be sure to promote the right content.

How to create a Facebook ad?

production & production-service company Criminal

production & production-service company Criminal

When you publish a post on your Facebook page you automatically have the option to “Boost” that post. This is the easiest and fastest way to promote your work on this social network. Before that, make sure your message is clear and the post redirects potential clients to a relevant page.

When you click on the button “boost post” you have the option to “Create New Audience”. In here you can include location, age, gender and interests. Once these details have been added you should decide the total budget you want to spend: the more money you put in, the higher number of people will be reached.
IMPORTANT: Facebook ads only approves images with a maximum of 20% text and no nudity is allowed.
Want to do more specific campaigns? Read how Facebook Adverts Work and get started.

Boost post image example_b


Twitter is a strong marketing tool used by photographers such as David La Chapelle and Lara Jade, a lot of well-know photographers & photography businesses share their work procedures, free e-books, special offers and many other useful content on Twitter. Twitter is considered a great media to read, follow and interact with other people inside the business.
Fact: 80% of the interactions with companies on social networks occur in Twitter.



  • Choose your twitter name: Select an account username that is similar to your business name (ex. @prodparadise)







  • Images: You can select two different images (profile and cover), upload these related to your business.




  • Make sure to follow the right people: You can follow anyone you want, so use this as a tool to connect with potential clients who still don’t know you. Don’t forget to also follow clients you’ve worked with, brands and other industry professionals.




  • TweetsYour tweets reach ALL your followers: Unlike other social networks as Facebook which a small % of your fans see your posts, all the content you share on twitter can be seen by all your followers.






Twitter Lists

  • Twitter lists: You can create your own lists or subscribe to lists created by someone else, this feature allows you to organise users in groups (Note: these are to read tweets from members included in these lists) You can create your list here.



Make sure you don’t “go crazy” with hashtags when sharing content on twitter. Try to # only keywords relevant to you and your audience. When someone clicks on a #keyword you’ve used they can see all the tweets which also include that same hashtag.

Twitter trends are the topics which are being talked about right now, it can be a hashtag or a particular word that is popular at that time. These are tailored for you based on who you follow and your location, you are able to change the location trends every time you want. Not sure about a trend? Just click on it and you’ll see all the tweets related to it.
*Twitter trends are listed on the right side of your profile.


Twitter ads will help you gain relevant followers and reach potential clients as you can target by interests, location, twitter account or importing emails. Apart from promoting your photography work to build up your professional list of contacts, you can also share your tips and advice to build your own expertise name and gain trust within the industry.
Fact: 47% of users who follow a business on twitter are more likely to visit the company’s website. Create your ad here.

“Twitter ads will help you gain relevant followers and reach potential clients”

Photo by Roberta Krasnig


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network where you can build your professional identity, discover professional opportunities and be up-to-date with the latest news in the business. For that reason you should create (if you didn’t already) a LinkedIn business or personal page and build your network. This social community is created mainly for a business community, so you should have an active presence in this network.

Through LinkedIn you will build your professional brand, connect with professionals you’ve worked with and find job opportunities. In this case LinkedIn is different to other networks, you can only connect with people you know already.

Linkedin Connections


  • Find existing clients: by adding connections you can import your email contact, an effective and fast way to connect with your current clients and employees. Click on “Connections” -> “Add Connections” and include your email address.





  • LinkedIn_endorsementEndorsements: can be considered the LinkedIn recommendations from you clients, apart from earning credibility you will also increase your visibility as this will also be shown on profiles of those that have endorsed you. This is a very powerful tool and you should invite your clients and customers to use it.





  • LinkedIn_searchFind new clients: You can search for industry professionals with specific skills and location by using LinkedIn Advanced Search






  • LinkedIn Groups: participate in LinkedIn group discussions actively, make sure to join those relevant to your business as it will be a way to connect with potential clients and make your business gain recognition.


  • LinkedIn Ads: targeted advertising to reach customers, you can select a target audience so your ads are placed on relevant pages and only industry professionals that matter see the ad.



Want to get even more from this network? You can read about the premium advantages here.

“LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network where you
can build your professional identity
Photo by Frank Seifert

Photo by Frank Seifert

Production Paradise
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