ISOLE, an Italian short film about loss and tradition, is released during the Cannes Film Festival


Once a year Cannes turns into a stage for starlets, producers, direImage_en_3_5577052152a64ctors and film industry professionals, and this year the 69th edition takes place between 11th and 22nd May. The Film Festival de Cannes is the leading event to predict the future of the film industry and a plattform for fresh talents to show off their inspiring work.

Cannes Court Métrage” and its Short Film Corner section, offers short film professionals an incredible opportunity to show their latest work.

Matteo Mariotti from MM Productions in Rome, a passionate executive producer, took over the organisational role to create a short film, together with director Valerio de Berardinis, photographer Piero Perilli and screenwriter Giovanni Brancaccio.


Director Valerio de Berardinis and Photographer Piero Perilli

The dedicated team produced the short film ISOLE (islands), a story that combines ancient traditions with the magestic beauty of the Italian landscape. Both of these elements, tradition and landscape, provide a basis to shape the character of the film. Mariotti and his team filmed in the Lazio region, in the islands of Ventotene and Santo Stefano – a formerly famous prison that has been uninhabited for over 50 years.


Film Location

The figure of the “Femina Accabadora” (”she who ends”) embodies the tradition featured in the film; a woman who kills old people so seriously ill to push family members, or the victim itself, to request euthanasia.


In the film this tradition is embodied by Anselmo De Girolamo, the protagonist, who suffers from sea sickness and the pain of living, and who will try to relieve all suffering and free the souls of the dead.

Mariotti highlights that everything you see is real, there were no special effects involved in the making of the film.

Paolo Pecorelli created the expressive bass soundtrack to emphasise the ideas that make ISOLE so unique.


For all those who are in Cannes until 22th of May, you can request a private projection of the short film. The Short Film Corner area is located at level 01 of the Palais des Festivals.

To find out more about the cast, behind the scenes, crew or contact details, visit the ISOLE website.

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