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Stefan Schlumpf for Mammut

Stefan Schlumpf is a Zurich-based outdoor sports, people and advertising photographer specializing in outdoor photography. A passionate mountaineer, world traveller and extreme sport lover, Stefan has come a long way and worked for the most prestigious agencies, magazines and international campaigns. He kindly accepted to share with us a little part of his sometimes very extreme journey.

Powder surfing im Engadin, Martin Winkler

Martin Winkler Powder surfing in Engadin, Switzerland

Stefan Schlumpf: I figured out my passion for photography when I took some pictures with an old analog camera. I was joining some friends in the deep snow in the Alps and then slowly started to accompany them in different extreme and outdoor sports.

Armin Beeli - Mountain Biking - Laax

Armin Beeli, Mountain Biking in Laax, Switzerland

Understanding the sport is very important to shoot good pictures, especially with sports like climbing or ski mountaineering and freeriding. I have to take responsibility for myself. Hanging on a huge wall while taking pictures of climbers or handling the avalanche risks during freeride pictures.

Fabian Buhl, 3rd Asdcent, 2.März 2014, Prinzip Hoffnung 8b/8b+, Trad Climbing, Bürs, Austria

Fabian Buhl Climbing in Bürs, Austria

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Lorraine Huber Freeriden in St. Anton

Lorraine Huber Freerider in St. Anton, Austria

There are quite a few challenges like going to the Indian Himalaya to join an expedition, or to New Zealand or Argentina for freeriding road trips. Every trip is unique and special. Nevertheless, I have never had the possibility to go to Antarctica and organise a shooting. I would love to do that. Maybe someday if I have the opportunity. But the most challenging thing is to bring the gear to remote places and sometimes it is really really really cold!

Schneekuppe, Piz Roseg, Schweiz

Schneekuppe, Piz Roseg, Schweiz

We would like to thank Stefan for speaking with us. You can see more of Stefan´s work on our Switzerland Showcase magazines and also in Sport Photography Spotlight magazines and find Stephan’s full photography portfolio on his website.

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