Jordi Escandell reveals his love story with photography


Jordi Escandell is a professional photographer with more than 20 years experience. He’s been all over the world, and he still maintains the same enthusiasm and desire for travelling to shoot new amazing photography, as he had on his very first assignment. In this interview Jordi shares some of his experiences, and the root of his love for photography.


Production Paradise: How and when did you discover photography was your passion?

Jordi Escandell: I discovered photography through nature. I began to take pictures of birds and other wild animals when I was 12 years old. To learn photography was like a fever to me… at all times I was reading about photography and taking pictures. I was an only child and I loved to be alone in the countryside taking pictures. It was a passion. It is my passion.


Production Paradise: When you were starting out, which photographers were an inspiration to you?

Jordi Escandell: My main inspiration came from National Geographic photographers. All of them were great photographers. Names such as Michael Nichols, Jim Brandemburg, Steve McCurry, David Alan Harvey, Jodi Cobb and David Doubiled were my favourites.


Production Paradise: You have been shooting around the world all your life. Do you still feel the excitement of travelling for a new shoot?

Jordi Escandell: Yes! Every country is so different. It’s always possible to make new pictures, and on every trip I have a different strong experience, or what I call that special “hunter feeling”; those moments where you charge your photographic energy. This continues within me after more than 20 years of taking pictures!

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Production Paradise: After all these years as a professional photographer, what locations are still on your bucket list?

Jordi Escandell: I believe every place on this planet can be very special. But if I must choose, I would choose to go to: Iceland, Romania, Tanzania, Colombia, Okinawa, and to the Andes Mountains. My only problem is that I always want to return to every place I have been!


Production Paradise: Which of your images shot on location, holds a very special place in your heart and why?

Jordi Escandell: Some of my portrait photography of San people – indigenous hunter-gatherer people of Southern Africa – are really special to me. I think mostly because of the feeling I had when I took those pictures, and because the San culture is disappearing. Some of those portraits show people who know the last cultural knowledge, and they are the oldest human culture.



Production Paradise: Could you tell us a little about your creative process upon receiving a brief? What is it you look for and what is your routine?

Jordi Escandell: Sometimes I travel on assignment. When working for a travel magazine you must follow the editorial line, and tell the stories they ask.

During my personal travels I love to be lost waiting for new surprises, taking pictures which I show in my exhibitions, or in my Instagram (follow Jordi here I never go to touristic places. If I go where the guide book says, I will never discover anything relevant to me and thus I won´t feel anything… I love my every day surprises, and sometimes it is only a small surprise, but it’s all mine!


Production Paradise: For your shoots on location, how much of your vision happens once you see the location?

Jordi Escandell: For me every place changes on the moment. The lights, the different forms of life existing…in my opinion there are millions of versions of every place. When I am in one of those versions of Morocco, Cuba or Namibia, I try not to think, only see and discover the picture that may be so near. I think taking pictures can be a kind of meditation form! Every photographer sees different pictures of everything. I think it’s easy to be personal if you don´t try to copy the picture of others! It is not necessary to think how your personal pictures must be…maybe the most important is to enjoy. I believe when you are enjoying you can get something that is unexpected. I love the surprises!


We would like to thank Jordi Escandell for taking the time to talk to us. Find more of his work on Production Paradise or his website.

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