The Chinese market through the eyes of Photo Agent Justin Chan


Justin Chan represents is an agency specialised in connecting international artists, such as photographers, illustrators and many others, to clients within the Asian market. We got the chance to speak to Justin Chan himself and got to know about the changing moods of the Chinese market and how young talents find representation.

Photographer: Zena Holloway

Production Paradise: What inspired you to found your own agency?

Justin: I had been a photographer myself for 30 years before I visited China. It all started with all my friends in the same business overseas asking me to help them with fetching work in China, so….

Photographer:  Kevin Sinclair

Production Paradise: You represent Photographers, Illustrators, Makeup Artists, Creative Directors and more. What are the challenges and advantages of representing such a broad spectrum?

Justin: Chinese clients are not very loyal to start off. They always seems to want to change artists almost every other campaign! So I reckon a broad spectrum of artists is required to keep the jobs coming, so to speak. But of course I would only want to represent someone whose work I truely admire.

Illustration:  James Dawe

Production Paradise: How do you find new talents to represent, and what special quality are you looking for?

Justin: Sometimes they find me, sometimes I look for them. I am interested in artists with at least a much-higher-then-average standard of work, one who has already famous brands under their belts, and of course someone who simply has something special to offer to this industry, creatively, and also in terms of accomplishments.


Production Paradise: What is the best way for young photographers to find representation?

Justin: Unfortunately, the China market wants only prestigious artists currently if they are sourcing an overseas artist. They have plenty of young artists themselves locally. And young artists will have to offer something very special before they would be considered, I’m afraid.

Photographer:  Paco Peregrin

Production Paradise: Is there something international professionals need to know about working on the Asian market?

Justin: I think it is basically the same everywhere these days, except Chinese clients would sometimes ask the artists to do more than agreed, and payment for balance can be slow at times.

Production Paradise: What have been the stand-out campaigns for Justin Chan Represents so far this year?

Justin: We are actually involved with the productions of filming/Shooting & MVs for 12x episodes of CHINA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, in different parts of china, & also in Europe. It is still on-going as we speak.

Post Production:  Garrigosa Studio

Production Paradise: How has being on Production Paradise helped you with your agency?

Justin: P.P. has definitely helped to spread the name of my company internationally, which draws attentions from many sides of the industry. I am very thankful for their services.

We would like to thank Justin Chan for taking the time to talk to us about his work. Find more information about  on his agency Justin Chan represents on their website or on Production Paradise.

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