Live Talk: Creatives Directors at BBDO Germany and Ogilvy Social Lab Belgium Share Their Experiences Under Lockdown


The current situation has shaken up the world and with it, many industries like the creative industry are being faced with tough decisions and are looking for new solutions. In this live talk, Production Paradise’s General Manager, Catherine Delaloye, spoke with leading creatives directors, Rod Henriques at BBDO Germany and Gabriel Araujo at Ogilvy Social Lab Belgium, to discuss their experiences under lockdown and how the creative industry has been and may continue to be affected. They explore ways on how they and others can cope with their day to day responsibilities by managing expectations, utilizing 21st-century technology, and finding creative solutions.

If you missed this live talk, rewatch it here:

It is a surreal time, and Rod Henriques and Gabriel Araujo share their first-hand experiences on how they and others in the industry have been able to move forward with efficiency, creativity, and most importantly, positivity. Thank you to these gentlemen for their time and interesting insight!

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