Live Talk: How to use Instagram as a Photographer with Award-Winning Photographer, Jade Sarkhel


When it comes to visual marketing, Instagram is a great way to get your work in front of worldwide audiences and a tool that can connect you to new clientele. We are grateful that Jade Sarkhel, owner of a boutique creative agency in London and Pink Lady’s Food Photographer of the Year Award, joined us to talk to the creative community about useful tips of the trade when it comes to utilizing Instagram to its fullest. Listen in as Jade explores three important Instagram topics:

  1. How to set up an eye-catching profile and shop window account.
  2. How to make more engaging content and connect with your Instagram community.
  3. How to get your content seen.

If you missed this live talk with Jade, rewatch the live talk here.

Thank you again to Jade, who has given us her time and her secret ingredients to Instagram success to help the creative community. Visit her member page or direct message her on her Instagram page for any questions you may still have @jadesarkhel!

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