Live Talk: Life during and after China’s lockdown as a creative


As countries around the world are starting to lockdown and increase their restrictions, China has been intermittently allowing individuals back to work. As the first country to experience life during and after a lockdown, we were able to ask important questions to creatives in China for updates, insight, and advice. Listen to Production Paradise’s General Manager Catherine Delaloye speaking to our guest panel:

The world’s future is still unclear, but these creatives overseas show us that there is a light on the other side of the tunnel. Remember the advice from photographer Pietro Ansaldi, “don’t stop moving.” This is the time to reach out to others, teach lessons online, finally update your portfolio, create an exhibition for yourself, develop brand strategies, research creatives, browse local talent, utilise digital marketing tools (like Production Paradise), and finally, to seize opportunities around you. An important takeway is to stay positive and to stay inspired.

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