Looking for images that appeal to your heart & mind | Interview with art buyer Kerstin Kraus


What is the key to great photography? What influenced the photographer, what’s his/her background? Does an image make you think, and does it have a unique selling point?

We had the pleasure to meet Kerstin Kraus, a passionate art buyer from Heimat Werbeagentur and CEO of Art Love Affair, living in the art-shaped and vibrant city of Berlin. She gave us some insights about her journey and her life in this industry. Her career began as a photo designer and editor and now she also owns a photographer’s agency.

Hear from the multi-talented Kerstin about what she enjoys the most in her work as an art buyer. She describes us why complexity is so important for creatives, and how to be aware of the different types of visual vocabulary – especially from different countries!

“I have millions of contacts in my address book but it’s always good to get inspiration, and Production Paradise is always full of new contacts and content. That’s why I always have an eye on it, especially when I need something abroad” – Kerstin Kraus

When she works internationally, like in Amsterdam or Zurich, Kerstin loves to use Production Paradise. “I can see all the different visual languages on Production Paradise.”

Kerstin’s favorite tool is the search engine, which allows her to browse through different categories and countries to find new photographers or creative contacts worldwide. It’s a pleasure for us to support her work!

We thank Kerstin for chatting with us. You can see more about  Art Love Affair on its website, and member page.

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