Luminance 2012


On September 12th, the Production Paradise team attended the 2012 Luminance Photo Conference. The 2 day conference was hosted by Photoshelter at the BMCC TriBeCa Performing Arts Center in New York City.

The event featured 30 speakers, including Jen Bekman, the CEO and founder of 20×200, Lucas Allen Buick, the CEO of Hipstamatic, Taylor Jones, author and blogger at Dear Photograph, Scott Belsky, CEO and founder of Behance and Donald R. Pettit (Ph.D.), a NASA astronaut. These talks were created to spark new ideas and networks that will push photography, as an industry, to the next level.

We were very amused with Amy Dresser‘s keynote about photo retouching.

According to her, photo retouchers are parasites in the photo industry – without photographers, people like her wouldn’t exist. Yet retouching has never been more prevalent, and we increasingly blur the line between photography and illustration. As a professional photo retoucher, Amy’s attitude is not to make any image perfect; keep the character, but remove what might be distracting.

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