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His name is Rocco Ceselin and he is a Los Angeles-based photographer who is passionate about lifestyle photography and discovering new places. It has been a long journey since Rocco moved from his home country, Italy where he was always surrounded by culture and tradition. Fueled by curiosity and the spirit of adventure, he decided to move to sunny California. He worked for iconic American toy brand Wham-0, Alegria Shoes and his most recent project was for the advertising company Wordsearch. The concept was to create beautiful lifestyle photographs with people and reflections, shot through glass windows. A real-life experience for the new tenants who will enjoy the high-end life in a beautiful living palace. We have interviewed Rocco to find out more about him and his career as a photographer and his latest shooting for Wordsearch’s campaign.

Production Paradise: You were born in a small historical town in Italy and later you permanently moved to California. How did your background influence your work and what changed in your approach towards photography ever since you moved to the US?

Rocco: I spent most of my childhood and as a young adult in the countryside. I was really enjoying nature and appreciate the outdoors. I loved spending time with my friends, hiking, mountain biking. Since I moved to California, my life in San Francisco first, Los Angeles later, made me grow and started appreciating the city’s diversity, lifestyle and the different energy I was embracing. It was initially a cultural shock, in a positive way, but I got really excited and love living here now. The opportunities and the cultural life make me believe I’m a very lucky person. Observing these two very different worlds inspired my photography.

Production Paradise: You specialise in lifestyle, fashion, travel and portrait photography. Do you have a particular preference and which one would that be? Why?

Rocco: I truly believe you can combine all these styles of photography while you travel and to me, most of the time I travel is for my assignments. I love photographing people in their own environment because they are more relaxed and at ease with themselves. Lifestyle, fashion and portraits are always a creative experience where different places can help to think differently and see with a new eye what surrounds you.

Production Paradise: One of your latest campaigns is for a luxury living company in Buckhead, Atlanta. Tell us more about the project.

Rocco: The concept of the project was to create together with Wordsearch Agency a specific style of images. Shooting through objects, finding reflections and using the light in a different and more creative way. It was really exciting.

Production Paradise: What did you enjoy most about this assignment and what did you find challenging about it?

Rocco: I always enjoy working with the Wordsearch team. They are very professional and creative, open-minded and we always have a great time with the client and our crew.  This new style of shooting and the research of the light through the objects has been a new personal challenge through the images.

The weather conditions are always a challenge since most of the time we shot outdoors and we needed to be sure to respect the time schedule to be able to complete each scene on time.

Production Paradise: Following on the luxury living theme, what do you think luxury is, and how do you reflect it in your photography?

Rocco: The luxury living is a very subjective concept I think. Every experience that fulfilled your life in a positive and gratifying way is considered a luxury to me. Healthy living, great company, a beautiful place where you love to live or you enjoy spending time in is something that makes you happy. All this inspires my photography.

Production Paradise: Could you tell us what a normal working day for you as a photographer is?

Rocco: As most of the photographers nowadays, I share my time between travelling, shooting, editing and doing marketing between social media and prints. Most of my days are based on this. I also think you need to challenge yourself and think outside the box and create your own personal projects.

Production Paradise: What is your biggest source of inspiration in your work and what kind of stories do you want to tell through your photography?

Rocco: I love human and personal stories. I get inspired every day by observing life in every place I go. If I’m in Italy I love walking around and get lost to discover what is life like. Even when I have an assignment, sometimes at the end of the scouting day I like to discover the place and walk around.

The mix between places, environment, lifestyle and people inspires me a lot. It’s always a new discovery.

Production Paradise: You were a finalist in 9 prestigious photography awards, one of which as a finalist in the APA Los Angeles “Off the Clock” Photo Competition. What stands behind your success?

Rocco: In most of the awards I was part of, my photos are the result of personal projects such as travel photos most of the time and moments I captured when I was in places I love. I think you need to be sure to select and submit the image that moved you the most and shares it with people who truly enjoy photography.

Production Paradise: What role does Production Paradise play in your professional career?

Production Paradise is a great portal for all professionals who want to find resources for photo and video productions around the globe. The fact that I can find different talents in different cities during my photo assignments is a great bonus. It makes the creative process much more intuitive and simple.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Rocco Ceselin for his collaboration and time for making this interview happen! If Rocco’s photography caught your attention, we invite you to visit his portfolio page on Production Paradise and his website.

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