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Barcino Management is one of the most consolidated and recognised modeling agencies in Spain. Founded 9 years ago, this agency has never stopped growing by discovering new talents and representing some of the most successful real models and unique faces in the advertising industry both nationally and internationally.

Andrea Gayoso – Director of Barcino Management

Andrea Gayoso, current director of Barcino Management, spoke to us about the importance of being consistent in your work, believing in what you do and the value of understanding the latest trends in the advertising world. Read on and learn from one of the best!

Production Paradise: What makes Barcino stand out from the rest of Modeling Agencies is the fact that you have different talents including dancers, sports, models etc., as we can see in your slogan “More than Models”. Can you please let us know a bit more about this?

Andrea Gayoso: International advertising casting needs change daily and it’s essential that our agency changes with it. Barcino is not a conventional agency, we are dynamic and each day we keep on growing to make a difference and be “More than Models”, which means that we have all types of talent for all kinds of advertising projects from Models, Skaters, to Ballet Dancers, to Soccer Players to Curvy Models, both nationally and internationally. We are currently growing at an incredible speed due to the demand of diverse new talents required by clients and brands and their trust in us to provide exactly the kind of talent they need for their campaigns.

Production Paradise: What kind of projects does Barcino have? Can you list some of the clients you’ve worked with in the past?

Andrea Gayoso: Some of the latest campaigns were for Audi (Fashion Models), Mango (Lifestyle models), H&M (High Fashion models), Coca-Cola (Lifestyle & Sports models ), QATAR (Senior models), Smirnoff (Dancers & Actors), TOUS (Models from all ethnicities), and many more. You can check all the recent campaigns on our Vimeo.

Production Paradise: What should a talent have in order to join Barcino Management agency? How can they join the agency?

Andrea Gayoso: We have profiles from 10 year-olds to senior, all ethnicities and abilities. We love different! You should be enthusiastic, willing to learn from us and as excited about advertising projects as we are. If you are willing to join our family please contact us through web or Instagram.


Production Paradise: Andrea, last but not least, tell us something unexpected about working in a modeling agency.

Andrea Gayoso: In a modeling agency you never stop surprising yourself, working with people is an exciting task and at the same time a challenge because each one has their own personality and character, therefore, you need to adapt to everyone’s needs. From Barcino, our main philosophy is that we are a great family and therefore we always seek the welfare of each other, as well as that of our clients. This makes the work enjoyable to do in a world full of some of the craziest challenges!

We thank Andrea for the insights and invite you to check the news about Barcino on our latest Showcase Spain and Barcino website.

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