Mercedes-Benz shoots in Chile with La Casa Films


La Casa Films is a film & photo production service company located in Chile that offers high quality still & TVC and film production services. Thanks to their professionalism, their brilliant team and their great results, La Casa Films can count with a long list of clients such as Nike, Jaguar, HSBC, Mercedes to mention a few.

We’re happy to share with you one of their recent success projects, the TV commercial and stills for the new Mercedes Benz G500 (4×4)² . Thorugh this interview we got to learn more about their work, their challenges and their brilliant locations to create some of the best commercials you’ll see in the industry.

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Production Paradise: Where in Chile was the commercial filmed and why were these locations chosen?

La Casa: Markenfilm Crossing – with director Mario Zozin, and Ekkehart Pollack as DOP – requested our production services in Chile as the brief was for unseen and dramatic locations to highlight the extraordinary offroad capabilities of the then confidential new G class model. We could not shoot in the usual top locations in Chile ( Atacama and Patagonia), so an extensive scouting took place, to try to match the super specific locations required. The shoot took place in several locations, including a private property so large, there was a 25 km track within, to reach the rock cavern. Other places include a main international truck route in Portillo, near Saniago with its astounding series of serpentines, as well as Santiago streets, tunnels, and urban freeways.  Lots of traffic control was involved.


Production Paradise: Were any changes made to the locations you used?

La Casa: Yes, the track to the tunnel was in such poor shape, even our 4×4 advisor in a highly prepared Jeep had a hard time going through, so heavy machinery was hired and worked non stop for six days to make the track passable for production.


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Production Paradise: How was the commercial shot? (there appears to be aerial footage as well)

La CasaThe Russian Arm was the star player, as there was a lot of moving image.  But the constraints of the rugged path meant we had to switch from its usual BMW X5 mounting to a more robust Ford Raptor.   Two Alexas every day, and a heli rig on the tunnel day played key roles.


Deniz Saylan /

Production Paradise: Has anyone filmed on the International Portillo road before and how did you arrange the closure?

La Casa: This was the first time this road was closed for shooting, it required the support of several government authorities, the Chilean Film Commission and the police. Following all the rules, explaining exactly what we were doing, and good diplomacy all played fundamental parts in getting the Hail Mary pass of locations, with authorization arriving right before the shoot.   We would like to re-emphasize our gratefulness to our location manager, the Film Commission, and all authorities involved.

Deniz Saylan /

Production Paradise: What were the biggest challenges you faced during filming?

La Casa: Mixing and matching very precise location requirements within a very small radius out of Santiago. Then we had to contend with the absolute secrecy of shooting a one in the world prototype vehicle.  Our client was very precise in that it was the same model that was then travelling to its presentation at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, but we still had to squeeze out all its potential on camera, in very challenging, rock slinging conditions.

To choose one, we’d say building that road!

We all had a great time and as Christine-Marie Gardeweg with Markenfilm Crossing said: Shooting in Chile was a big pleasure – it is like coming home working with old friends. The crew was highly professional and the country is extraordinary!


Mercedes Benz G500 (4×4)² from lacasafilms on Vimeo.

Client: Mercedes Benz
Production Company: Markenfilm Crossing
Director of Photography: Ekkeheart Pollak
Director: Mario Zozin
Line Producer: Christine-Marie Gardeweg
Production Service Company: La Casa Films
Executive Producer: Leopoldo Luisetti
Producer: Axel Brinck
Production Co-ordinator: Javier Cuneo


We would like to thank La Casa Films for sharing their latests commercial with us, it’s been a great experience!. More of La Casa Film’s work can be seen on their website and soon in our upcoming Spotlight Magazine International locations for production.

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