Nestlé’s Laurent Dailloux about the natural approach to Food & Drink photography


Laurent Dailloux, the Procurement Manager for Marketing Content of Nestlé and Spotlight Awards judge, talks to us about what he is looking for in this year’s awards. Judging the Food & Drink category, Laurent discusses trends in photography and more.

Laurent Dailloux, Procurement Manager for Marketing Content, Nestlé

Production Paradise: Could you give us some insight into your background and your journey to becoming a Procurement Manager for Marketing Content at Nestlé? 

Laurent Dailloux: After many years working in production print, digital and film and looking at the industry’s evolution, it felt I was missing something: the client’s approach. As clients are more and more hands-on production, it felt like a natural move.

Production Paradise: What made you want to be a judge on the panel? 

Laurent Dailloux: Working in creative production, reviewing creative work is part of my daily routine; I hope my background can be an added value when it comes to creative evaluation.

Production Paradise: What is it about Food & Drink photography that appeals to you? 

Laurent Dailloux: You could say this is the most “basic” and most crucial part of human life: You could also say that you have seen it all, but actually there is always something new to it.

Production Paradise: What are some of the trends that you see in Food & Drink imagery?

Laurent Dailloux: To me it seems like the food porn phase is now moving to a more natural approach, make the basics look sublime while keeping them real.

Production Paradise: What sort of images would you like to see in the competition?

Laurent Dailloux: Anything new! Digital embracement; images beyond stills, animated stills, motion pieces, bringing still images to life in a digital environment. Any non-traditional way of shooting food and beverages is also interesting, high speed cameras have created a new generation of Food & Drink shots. I’m interested to see what will be the next game changer, from many different perspectives.

Production Paradise: What are you looking for in a photographer on set?

Laurent Dailloux: Openness, collaborative approach and a unique eye.

Production Paradise: How important are online platforms for finding new talent? 

Laurent Dailloux: I like paper and print but let’s be honest, online is now the point of search for everything. And since stills live now on screen as much as on print, this makes even more sense.  Also the line between stills and moving images is getting thinner and thinner, for print and motion design especially. So it really makes sense to always have more of a combination of print and digital, furthermore, online platforms are becoming more relevant.

Production Paradise: In what ways do you think Production Paradise Spotlight Awards could benefit photographers?

Laurent Dailloux: Visibility, in a crowded industry – isn’t that what people are looking for?

We thank Laurent for taking the time to speak to us, and now you know how to catch this judge’s eye, now is the time to select your best Food & Drink shots and enter the Spotlight Awards.


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