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Japan is packed with all the right ingredients to make it one of the most dynamic photo and film production destinations in the world. Production Paradise’s Tokyo Directory will highlight the best creative talents and services from the photo and film industry.

Photographer Hiro K.

Japan has long been market leaders in the camera manufacturing industry, monopolising the majority of amateur and professional markets with brands such as Sony, Cannon, Nikon and Fujifilm.

Despite being renowned for their technological advantage in photography, a lot of Japanese do not view photography as a commodity, with society having a tendency to put pressure on more traditional business routes, rather than freelance careers. Coupled with this has been the high level of exclusion of Japan from Western Society for many years, which changed under the Tokugawa Regime when Japan was forced into participation with Western Powers. Since then, Japan has become more accessible to foreigners and has since become a huge attraction for photo and film production with their colorful streets, bright lights, and advanced technology.

Photographer: Eric Micotto

Aware of the widespread attraction to Japan as a production location, Production Paradise has taken the opportunity to open Japan up to the rest of the world and connect the international market together. Our 200,000 subscribers (art buyers, ad agencies and brands) are looking for exciting places to shoot their next campaign and Japan is a perfect place for this. Japan offers beautiful beaches, mountains, shrines, temples and busy modern cities. Coupled with the notoriously efficient work ethic of the Japanese, it could not be a more appealing production location for our audience.

Photo Production: hue inc. | Photographer: Shunsuke Iguchi

With broader public exposure to photography as an art form, Production Paradise are accelerating the transition of connecting the creative market intrinsically within Japan, as well as connecting Tokyo-based professionals to international clients.

Take a look at our new Tokyo directory to see carefully selected leading creatives and companies based in Tokyo. To compliment our directory and show more of the stunning work of Japan-based creatives, we will launch a new Showcase Japan Magazine.


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