‘New challenges? Bring them on!’ Understand how Svetlana Jakel is thriving in her field of work


Svetlana Jakel company Kombinatrotweiss has been producing first-class creative work, whilst guiding her clients on how to get far in today’s creative world. She began working in the fashion industry for over 10 years, where after she moved to Saatchi & Saatchi as an Art Buyer. With all this background knowledge she was able to create Kombinatrotweiss. Here Svetlana tells us about her agency and work life, with her clients work showcased below.

Ekaterina Koroleva

Illustrator: Ekaterina Koroleva

Production Paradise: What do you think makes a great illustrator?

Svetlana Jakel: My number one criteria that makes the difference between an illustrator and a great artist is the level of professionalism. For me it is very important that I have access to the artist at most times, more over he must be reliable and deliver his work on time, and most importantly his work must meet the customer’s needs and expectations. I see technical know-how as a basic requirement just as the ability to make the customer happy with a very individual way of his or her image language. Bringing all that together and adding great style and much passion for what he or she is doing is really making the difference for me.

Illustrator: Ekaterina Koroleva

Production Paradise: Does previous experience of working in advertising and fashion industry help representing photographers, illustrators and digital artists in your company?

Svetlana Jakel: Yes. In any case it is a huge benefit for your work as an illustrator’s agent if you can fall back on your expertise in the creative sector, especially within the fields of fashion, advertising or art. You have to have the ability to think abstract to be able to recommend the right artists to the customer. It is also important to use a creative language to express and to understand certain, industry specific things. Besides that you need to be good with numbers in order to write calculations and run the administrative things. Everyone who has worked within the art buying department of an advertising company before has a good prerequisite to do the job right.

Illustrator: Inke Ehmsen

Production Paradise: You currently represent 27 illustrators, how do you decide who is worthy enough to join your roster?

Svetlana Jakel: Honestly, I am entirely guided by my gut feeling here. I must like the illustrations and they must meet a certain level of quality, I have my own benchmark. The work must be modern and independent. Due to all the new technologies especially in my sector new illustration styles appear all the time. That is the fascitating thing about my job and I am thrilled by what’s just around the corner. Just think of moving illustrations.

Illustrator: Katrin Wolff

Production Paradise: What’s the best way for an emerging illustrator to get on your radar for potential representation someday?

Svetlana Jakel: Anyone wanting to be noticed, is more than welcome to write me an email with a link to his or her personal work. I keep my eyes open when I surf through the internet. Sometimes I also do research on relevant illustrator’s portals or magazines.


Production Paradise: What are the most discussed recent works from one of your talents?

Svetlana Jakel: In the past few months we have worked for many great clients, Hermès Paris, Audi, Telekom, Weleda…just to name a few. Every job is different and offers a new challenge. It makes us happy, when customers choose illustrations for their campaigns and their external communication.

Illustrator: Nina Tiefenbach Client: Wella

Production Paradise: How has demand changed in the past few years and what are the current trends of today?

Svetlana Jakel: The world seems to move faster with every day. I think especially for artists it is very challenging to keep up with the speed and to deliver great work while working under time pressure. Trends are constantly changing. At this time we see a lot of handwritten brush stroke typo, it runs through all areas. Photo collages are also hip at the moment. However, it is very important that an illustrator recognizes the spirit oft he time and is constantly evolving. On the other hand, he should remain faithful and not lose sight of its roots. On the technical side, there are no such short-lived trends. Know-how is the number one criteria as well as an extremely high level of quality work combined with a great understanding of technical details and their functionality.

Illustrator: Lapin

Production Paradise: Where do you see your company is 5 years from now?

Svetlana Jakel: Kombinatrotweiss has just revamped at the beginning of this year and has become a pure illustration agency. The times we live in are very turbulent. No one really knows where the journey will take us. That’s why we try to not set fix targets or deadlines. Honestly we try to sit back and relax. New challenges? Bring them on! We have a vision but keep targets to ourselves and hope to reach them together with the artists.

Illustrator: Lapin

Production Paradise: How has being a member of Production Paradise helped you the most?

Svetlana Jakel: PP helps to place ourselves in the international market and make the industry aware that we exist as an agency. We like the clear structure and we highly appreciate their professional support.

We would like to thank Svetlana Jakel for taking the time to talk to us. Find more of her work on Production Paradise or her website.

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