New Cinemagraph Spotlight Magazine: stills in motion!


It’s time to add more movement to Production Paradise! We are launching a new Spotlight Magazine dedicated to cinemagraphs. We have more and more photographers featuring their ingenious cinemagraphs in our Spotlight and Showcase Magazines, and many clients looking for cinemagraphers to give that special extra something to their websites, social media campaigns and newsletters.

Watch out for our new Spotlight coming out very soon, it will feature the best cinemagraphs created by Production Paradise members.

cinemagraph by Derrick Santini

The term cinemagraph is quite new – designer Kevin Burg and photographer Jamie Beck introduced it just seven years ago. Before that, cinemagraphs were referred to as living photos, animated pictures, moving images or hybrid photo/video medium. Visuals resembling today’s cinemagraphs have existed since the 80s; then the GIF was invented. However it was just recently that creatives got access to tools good enough to produce high quality cinemagraphs, which can be used for online advertising.

With our attention spans getting shorter and shorter, cinemagraphs, which are more engaging than a still image, but don’t require so much attention as a video, are being used more and more frequently in advertising. So, hop aboard, make sure to show your cinemagraphs in our debut Spotlight Magazine – the art buyers will be watching!

If you want your work featured in the new Cinemagraph Spotlight or any other magazine, get in touch!

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