NEW! Exclusive limited edition prints of award-winning images are available now


Great news for everyone appreciating photography at the highest level! We just closed another successful edition of the Spotlight Photo Awards and we have some of the award-winning and the most-voted finalist images available as high-quality prints signed by the artists. The selection of the limited edition images was voted by over 50 art buyers worldwide.


See our exclusive selection below and hurry up if you are interested to acquire one of the prints – it’s a limited edition!

Grand Prize & Sport Winner
Photographer: Daniele Colucciello
Print signed by the artist

Title: Duccio

“It was raining heavily. Kids were having fun in the mud. There was genuine energy there. Nobody cared about the rain or mud. They were purely enjoying the fight on the pitch.”

Beauty Photographer Winner
Photographer: Dave Hynes

Print signed by the artist

Title: Nyabel

“The image was shot in my apartment living room on a background that one of my artist friends made for me. The light I used was a really large soft umbrella camera left and a large scrim reflector camera right. This image is a part of a four image series that revolved around the idea of royalty, class, and elegance.”

Food & Drink Winner
Photographer: Tina Sturzenegger
Print signed by the artist

Title: Let me take you dancing

“These days we all talk about sustainable food. But we mostly act like we’re still in the lavish 80s. The sky is the limit and we don’t have to change anything. My image/series ‘Let me take you dancing’ is a nice meaningful wink to this topic.”

Sports Photography Finalist
Photographer: Hugh Peachey
Print signed by the artist

Title: A time in space

“A burst of power in a split second in space we capture that moment in time where everything seems so calm and serene.”

Food & Drink Photography Finalist
Photographer: Hanna Grace
Print signed by the artist

Title: Squash

“The intent to showcase the beauty of nature’s colors and shapes juxtaposed with man-made cubes. It is my loose interpretation of the relationship between humans and food.”


Our high-quality pigmented inks on Canon Satin paper prints are available in 30×40 cm. Selected award-winning and finalist works chosen by over 50 art buyers worldwide are available to order now. Get yours!

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