New Member: 3deluxe motion


The 3deluxe collective characterises an interdisciplinary team of around 30 individuals from the fields of architecture, interior design, art, graphic design, media design and product design. On the basis of this broad spectrum of specialist knowledge, 3deluxe devises holistic design solutions that range from graphic identities via media installations to architecture, all boasting a coherent aesthetic.

Founded by Sascha Koeth, the Hamburg-based 3deluxe motion studio is primarily responsible for conception and realisation of filmic and interactive brand and product presentations.

The company creates immersive brand experiences with design-based media productions. The link between visual fascination and dramaturgic effects lends 3deluxe’s dynamic vocabulary a new facet. Graphic image, time and interaction are combined to form a communicative whole. This approach engenders communication strategies with a systematic visual code that are inspired by specific products and brands and that can be grasped intuitively.

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