New Member: 7 Seas Productions


7 Seas Productions shines a special spotlight on the South of France. What used to be the cradle for photo productions amongst European and US professionals in the 90s has fallen into oblivion over recent years, mainly due to the lack of modern locations and an overall belief of having seen it all before.

The good news today is that there are numerous modern locations and still many surprises to uncover. Europe’s sunniest and most versatile region is back on the production map. New buildings have been completed and the old refurbished, with many modern office spaces and private houses rebuilt in the meantime. Style is back, and the sun and the blue sea remain.

7 Seas has production offices in Cuba and Argentina and with its expert knowledge highly recommends rediscovering the South of France. Recent productions include SCHWAB, Peugeot, Rolf Benz, Boden, C&A, Petra and Beluga Shipping.

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