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ArcticON ICELAND is one of the most experienced production and event planning, support service, and locations scouting company in Iceland with unmatched local knowledge of hidden wonders and secret locations. All of them are perfect for spectacular production projects, workshops, fashion events, company events or tailor made exclusive experience for photographers, celebrities and guests who are looking for professional, customized and very personal service or luxury adventures.

ArcticON ICELAND will organize any kind of production, event, workshop, private or company event at professional facilities in breathtaking surroundings. You will be able to connect your project, business activities or celebrations with travelling and exploring one of the most wonderful places in the world. ArcticON ICELAND will tailor for you joyful experiences which will make your production or event unforgettable.

Iceland is also an ideal destination for spotting the Northern Lights (Sept – March), experiencing Ice Caves, Ice Walk Adventures or Wildlife Safari all year around.

ArcticON ICELAND is your local supporter and guide who will bring you to all the most unique and secret wonders in the safety and comfort 4×4 off road luxury vehicles. ArcticON will provide the best possible rates for equipment, hotels and catering and offers guidance in different fields by using over 68 local guides and experts knowledge and experience.

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