New Member: Debra Sugerman


Debra Sugerman began taking photographs at age 12. Like most artists, she tested many disciplines before returning to her first love, realising her potential and establishing a career as a non-commercial fine art image-maker.

Her work has found its way to small commercial niches as well as gallery exhibits and private collections. Honing her skills specifically in image-making, Debra’s film-making has risen in a parallel effort. After a number of years working behind the scenes on large and small budget feature films, she found it a natural process to move into directing and creative producing. Debra currently has two documentary productions to her name.

Flowing easily between jobs and unafraid of a challenge, she is capable of handling large or micro budgets. As a visual artist her singular vision translates well from concept to end result. Her early training as location manager taught her a lot about producing; coupled with her unique physical vision, this makes Debra an exceptional filmmaker.

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