New Member: Diego Lezama Orezzoli


“I could say that what made me a photographer was my first road trip to Africa with my friends. But it was my time as a photographer with UNESCO (1994-2002) which definitely gave me the experience and maturity. I did assignments in over 30 countries, including Russia, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Iran, Pakistan, Colombia, Sweden, Indonesia and Japan.

“Coinciding with this phase I moved to Brazil where I had the opportunity to photograph much of the country and develop my work as a photographer of architecture, interiors and advertising.

“I signed a contract with Corbis and Lonely Planet to represent my photos around the world, while back in Spain I continued my work in advertising, nature and architecture. In 2005 I was hired for a campaign tour of Istanbul.

“In 2007 an agreement was reached with the government of Guatemala to sponsor a personal project to portray Mayan ruins at night. As a result of this work I did the same in Panama and Honduras. Since September 2011 I’ve been living in Sao Paulo, where I continue to produce images for Corbis and Lonely Planet, such as the latest Lonely Planet Barcelona.”

Diego Lezama Orezzoli

Clients and campaigns include National Geographic Online, National Geographic Traveller, Istanbul Office of Tourism, Guatemalan Institute of Tourism, Honduras Tourism, Panama Tourism, Tourism Office of Jaén, Spain, Madrid Tourism, Kuwait Oil Company and McCann Erikson.

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