New Member: Dieter Brasch


Dieter Brasch started his career as a freelance photographer in 1996.The scope of his work ranges from elaborate high-end advertising shots,digital composings and editorial jobs.In 2007 he enrolled in the Danube University of Krems/Department forImage Science for a postgraduate program, which he completed bytaking his Master of Arts degree in November 2010 (master thesis on thesubject of “Staged Photography”).In 2012 he opened a photo studio in the Bräuhausgasse in 1050 Vienna.

National and international awards for advertising photography:Epica (European Advertising Award) for: Silk Cut/Saatchi&SaatchiAthens.CCA Venus (Creativ Club Austria) for: Blaumax, Villacher Bier, AktionMensch, Schauspielhaus, Hospiz am Rennweg, Wr.StädtischeVersicherung, Steirische Landesausstellung, Tipp3.

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