New Member: Dirk Krüll


Dirk Krüll‘s roots lie in editorial photography and he has worked journalistically for almost all of the most important magazines in Germany, including Stern, FAZ, Zeit,  Geo, as well as world-wide.

Dirk studied at the Folkwang School (GHS Essen) and has received several prizes and grants for his reports and magazine stories. He is represented by the Laif agency and he is a member of the DGPH.

He has contributed long-term cultural projects like the ‘Ruhrgebiet’ for the permanent exhibition at the Ruhrmuseum in Essen. In recent years, his work has led him into corporate photography in architecture, industry and transportation.

Since 2005 Dirk has completed five calendar projects for his client Standox / DuPont, realising his own thematic ideas through his unique narrative view. Featured in this Spotlight is a selection of images around the themes ‘Timeless Beauties,’ ‘Colour Fantasies,’ ‘Car Collectors’ and ‘Movie Cars’. He is currently working on the 2013 calendar.

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