New Member: Donato Giannese


Donato Giannese is based in Milan. He specializes in beauty, fine art and fashion photography.

I studied how to face the project.
I realized how to turn it into a picture.
I found the light.
I did wonderful work with wonderful people.
I did bad work, with people far from wonderful.
I believed to people that were not telling the truth.
I found a true friend.
I created a playlist for every shade of the morning sky.
I opened a studio.
I moved house.
I loved a woman who didn’t deserve it.
I deleted friends who were not real friends.
I always wanted a cat that doesn’t lose his hair.
I understood you have to push for yourself, to achieve your dreams.
I understood that if you can collaborate, you produce twice.
I understood that everything comes at the right time, never mind when..

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