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Elisabeth Hoff is a London based fashion, celebrity and beauty photographer working for major advertising and editorial clients in the UK and abroad.
Born in Norway, she spent 5 years of her childhood sailing around the world on the families home built yacht. Apart from a few spells at schools in various places en route (including Barbados and Pitcairn Island), she was taught by her parents. But what was lacking in a formal education was made up for in adventures – from snorkelling with seals in the Galapagos Islands, to sailing up the treacherous amazon and being the first white girl to meet the locals of Laughlin Atoll in Papua New Guinea. Around the world with Red Admiral went on to become a best selling book.
Elisabeth finished her schooling in Norway and went on to complete a degree in marine biology at Glasgow University.
After graduating, she attempted to be the first woman to row solo across the Atlantic. This ended in disaster when her boat capsized Mid-Atlantic, but Elisabeth was rescued at sea after 12 desperate hours. Realizing that you have to make the most of now, she decided to pursue her life long dream of being a photographer.
Elisabeth continues to base herself in London with her husband and 2 sons Finn and Soren.

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  1. Cheryl Cole! The most beautiful woman in the world!

  2. I haven’t seen Elizabeth IRL since she was a little girl! Her sis and I were best fndreis growing up! Elizabeth, you are beautiful and it is so nice seeing you on such a beautiful day! Congrats and many happy years to you and Nick.Becky


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