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Federico de Luca
I grew up drawing. My first job was as a comic strips illustrator and inker in 1995, while I was studying Sociology at the University. In 1999 I started working with digital imagery and illustration doing retouching for Giovanni Cozzi, a famous Italian photographer of celebrities and other subjects.

In 2000, with some friends, I opened a studio for graphic design and digital retouch called Spazio360. It had been my first opportunity to coordinate a team and work with high-profile clients from the Italian society.

In 2003 I took the decision to pursue a different professional carreer and I left the studio to undertake my own individual profession as a graphic designer.

I started to collaborate intensively with Alessandro Dobici whom allowed me to work closely and in a very productive way with Contents Studio, a fashion-specialized agency based in Rome.

At the end of a very proficuous and satisfying collaboration with them, in 2009 I decided to turn my attention to new and more stimulating professional environments and – also driven by personal motives – I chose to move to Berlin and begin a new experience in a fantastic city with a unique history; a place full of contradictions, some resolved, some not. A city where different elements, apparently distant, can coexist. Harmony and chaos.

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