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Jim Barber Studio Inc.

It has been my privilege to work with many great companies in a diverse range of industries. My goal has always been to help these companies to communicate effectively and efficiently.

I have been shooting exclusively digital images for the last 10 years. My studio is equipped with state of the art digital equipment, as well as a broad range of lighting and grip equipment. I own this equipment, so it is available for every shoot.
I also have an extensive prop collection. Many of the objects that you will find in my stock shots are props that I have here in the studio.
I do not charge for the studio, or for any equipment or props that I own. I charge only time and out of pocket costs.
Many of my clients have been working with me for years. I give the same hard work and attention to a quick shot as I do to a large multi-image project. My fee is based on a day rate, either a full day or a part of a day. I do not run up the bill with production fees, insurance, rentals or any other hidden charges.
My studio is located in Danbury, CT.
Most of my clients prefer to send me the products or meet at their office to discuss the shoot, and then look at emailed low res files to direct the shoot. For those of you that find it convenient, or preferable to be at the shoot, you are most welcome! On occasion, clients drag me out of the studio to shoot something too large, valuable or fragile to send to the studio.

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