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Photographer Julia Blank specialises in beauty. Her photography depicts an artistic style, and her impeccable attention to detail is the secret behind her flawless, mesmerising work.

A freelancer since 2005, Julia’s digital workflow expertise and special light handling techniques are second to none. Her versatility makes her perfect for beauty, fashion and advertising editorials of both an abstract and natural nature. Owing to her adaptability, Julia always makes the best of her situation and location. Her powerful, faultless imagery freezes emotions and effortlessly narrates beautiful stories. It is evident from her work that she is acquainted with the power of perfect lighting and compositions.

Her impressive client list includes Vogue Italia, Condé Nast, Glamour Magazine, Hype Magazine, Stepper Eyewear, Carl Zeiss, ABRO, Heinrich Bauer Verlag, Christina Krämer, Dr Scheller Cosmetics, Stepper Eyewear, Sto Ag and Shiseido.

Recent jobs included Abro spring/summer 2013, Chaos Magazine, a look-book for designer Denise Bollmann, and an editorial for GZ live magazine.

Visit her website or follow the latest news on Julia’s blog and facebook pages.

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