New Member: Ken Ross


Ken Ross is an independent commercial photographer based in Scottsdale, Arizona, who specilizes in travel/location, people and corporate photography. Educated in the U.S. and Switzerland, Ross began his photography career while residing in Sydney, Australia in 1985. His work has taken hin to more than 90 countries, including 61 trips to Europe. Ken recently shot various travel guides for Frommers & Fodors including: Las Vegas, Washington DC, Oahu, Costa Rica, Puerto Vallarta, Quebec Provence and Miami. Ross has over 10,000 images on the website of Vieti Associates. His photographs have also appeared in hundreds of ooks published in the U.S. & Europe, including his own book project, “Real Taste of Life”. His work has been exhibited in Phoenix, Dallas, New York, Japan, The Philippine Islands and a solo museum exhibit in Mexico. When not traveling he enjoys playing the drums, listening to live music and collecting works by other photographers.

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