New Member: Kingsize Studios


As New Zealand’s longest running photographic studio, Kingsize can assist a shoot with everything from studio space, camera and lighting to grip, computers and unit gear.

The studios are conveniently located in central Auckland, just 25 minutes from the airport. Clients have a choice of four purpose-built shooting spaces, including a large drive-in studio with 7m wide cyc, a daylight studio and a garden studio. Kingsize also provides make-up rooms, comfortable client areas, wireless broadband, kitchens, coffee machines and ample free parking.

Kingsize offers the largest stills / HD-DSLR rental inventory in New Zealand. All of the gear has been hand picked and tested to ensure the best possible quality. In sales, the company is an agent for many of the world’s top brands.

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  1. Agreed. I was actually blown away when i saw that that poudim and set up for ADC was freaking miniature. Seriously. I thought they had rented a space, blasted it yellow and fired it up. Yeah, you bring up an interesting point Ryan. It is a toss up. I think there are somethings that are just impossible to achieve. Both in look and feel. But I think these days, 3D and photoshop have a certain feel that the handmade cannot approach too. But either way, agreed, really great work and I enjoy bringing some tactile back.


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