New Member: Look Models International Inc.


Look Models International and Wolfgang Schwarz. Two strong names in the industry for 25 years.

“In 1989, Wolfgang Schwarz decided to open a modelling agency. But Schwarz, a former model himself, didn’t open his agency in one of the more obvious fashion hotspots such as New York or Paris. Instead, he opened his agency in Vienna, in his native Austria, a country never particularly known for its sense of world-dominating style.

“Schwarz believed that Eastern Europe could offer many beautiful women eager to take on lucrative modelling contracts in the West, and soon he was opening offices all over the region – in Warsaw, Tallinn and  Bucharest – scouting girls to be trained in the ways of Western hairstyling, clothing and make-up, before introducing them to the big players of the fashion industry in New York and Milan.

“Before long, Look Models became the largest model-scouting agency, not only in Europe, but the world.”

Taken from Stephanie Marsh’s article in The Times of London, 14/01/2012.

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