New Member: MeiLi Style


MeiLi Style
is a boutique style agency representing some of the finest multilingual make-up artists, hair stylists and wardrobe stylists in China. The creative talents represented by MeiLi Style are unique in that they understand Western and Eastern beauty aesthetics. Using only high-end beauty products, they have been trained in international institutions all over the world to offer their clients top-rate styling.

From ‘at-home’ styling services for private clients to commercial shoots, magazine editorials and large-scale productions such as fashion shows and big-themed events, MeiLi Style crew is the perfect answer to achieving styling on any level.

Recent clients include Volvo, ONLY, G-Vill, LuLiu 12.28, Peugeot, City Weekend, Asia Images, Sports Illustrated, Art + Design Magazine, and many more.

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