New Member: Menorca Production


Menorca Production provides full photoshoot production and location services for clients in the fashion, design, and advertising industries.

The company is led by Richard Carnill and Lindsay Fowler who both have extensive knowledge in the international fashion and have worked in the production business over the past 25 years. The rest of the company consists of handpicked multilingual Production Managers and Assistants.

Why produce in Menorca?

The island is the second largest of the Baleric Islands and possesses a unique charm. Menorca has more beaches than the neighbouring islands of Mallorca and Ibiza combined. Many of them (even at the height of summer) are quiet and comparatively uncrowded. The inland portion of the island consists of spectacular landscape – rolling green hills, dry stone walls, white rustic villages, volcanic moonscapes, and traditional fishing ports. The island offers a wealth of diversity as photographic locations.

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