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Michael Doran is one of South Africa’s most prestigious stills photographers, having travelled the world shooting for various clients. From Morocco to New York he has shot countless advertising campaigns, always ensuring that he gives his all to each project. He has a tangible enthusiasm for life and the intrinsic beauty that is contained within every subject.

He trained and worked as a photographer in Europe before returning to South Africa. His talent has not only seen him travel the world, but also win awards around the world. His career has taken him from working Internationally in London, Paris, Italy and New York winning international recognition at the New York festivals, the London advertising awards as well as D&AD. He has worked on campaigns for international beauty houses such as L’Oreal, Yardley London, Lux and Revlon. His photographic eye has been in demand for 21 years and has captured many exquisite panoramas.

Michael’s passion for stills photography has led him down the creative path to becoming a wanted and respected commercials director, and he has shot for Mercedes Benz, AirLink, Revlon, SA Breweries and more. His film work is a testament to his photographic background with each shot being carefully crafted and polished. With an extraordinary eye for detail and a strong desire to discover the beauty of any situation, he tackles each project in a unique and personalized manner, from finding the smallest detail and moment on set to tweaking the grade to perfection in post. He is a director with a firm understanding of the filmmaking craft and the needs of the client.

Above and beyond his accomplishments as a director and photographer working in advertising, he has also photographed, written and published a Photographic Art book entitled ‘Impressions of an Artist’ which was accepted by the Louvre in Paris for exhibition.

Michael is a talented stills photographer as well as a respected director with a unique vision who works from the heart and eye. He approaches his work with a strong sense of optimism and excitement.

Michael was a judge at the D&AD Global Awards in London March 2007.

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