New Member: Nuno Correia Photography


Nuno Correia began in photography in 1989. After diverse activity in newspapers and magazines, where he was founder and editor of some, he became more and more experienced in food photography, complimented by his other work in the areas of advertising and packaging.

He is a general photographer who has explored deeply the technical and artistic characteristics of food photography. Today, this kind of work occupies 70% of his time. Examples of his work can be found in food magazines such as Blue Cooking. Other stuff he does to relax from food photography is Máxima, Elle, Máxima Interiores, Vogue, Wine, Espiral do Tempo. In 2008, after being involved with 16 books related to food released by the largest publishers in Portugal, he was invited to photograph a book about Portuguese food – entitled The New Portuguese Table for Martha Stewart’s Clarkson Potter publishers.

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